Clean and Safe Program

Downtown El Cajon Business Partners

The Downtown El Cajon Business Partners has a very successful relationship with the East County Transitional Living Center. They are contracted to administer our Clean and Safe Program. For instance, from Monday through Friday, you will see the workers in their yellow vests picking up trash, reporting graffiti, and moving along any homeless they encounter. In addition to those and other responsibilities, they are out with their power washing during non-drought warning days. They began work in 2012, and there has been a remarkable difference in the appearance of Downtown El Cajon since that time.

It is our goal to make El Cajon a clean, inviting city where people feel welcome to come to the downtown area to do their shopping, conduct business, grab a cup of coffee or enjoy one of our great restaurants. Above all, we support our local businesses.


Contact and Communication Information

The following is a list of contacts for your convenience. As a property owner, merchant, or homeowner, this information may be helpful to quickly and effectively communicate district issues. With proper communication, we can efficiently address potential concerns.


Emergency Contact

This should be used only to contact emergency services.




Utilize this as the primary contact number for the Police Department in all non-emergency issues. Press “0” to get the dispatcher.


Graffiti Hotline

When reporting, allow 48-hours for the graffiti to be removed. Record the exact location and type of graffiti.


Code Compliance Complaint (City Manager’s Office)

For issues of weeds or debris on private property, this is who to call.


California Shopping Cart Retrieval

This is a statewide agency. You can report shopping carts anywhere you see them.


Public Works Department

This is for debris or obstructions on public property.


Downtown El Cajon Business Partners

This direct line may be used to report a specific issue or concern within the district. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions, comments, or concerns. Our office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Above all, we look forward to meeting you and serving the needs of our district.