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Downtown El Cajon Business Partners welcomes vendor sponsorships for our future events/services in the Downtown El Cajon Business District.

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Cajon Classic Cruise | Downtown El Cajon
Scott Bruce Tribute to Elvis | Dinner And A Concert Series
Local Events in Downtown El Cajon

Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities for Community Events and Services:

Downtown El Cajon Business Partners

Services and Events Sponsorships

Are you an experienced vendor or business looking for opportunities to provide services for our community events and special services? We invite you to explore our vendor sponsorship bid packages for the various events and services listed below. If you or your company is keen on bidding and offering your services to support the Downtown El Cajon District, you can request information from us.


Sponsorship Opportunities: Downtown El Cajon Business Partners extends an invitation for your bids on events and services within the Downtown El Cajon Business District. Please note that this list may evolve based on district planning and prevailing circumstances.

If you are interested, kindly complete the contact form provided.


Event General Services

  • Restrooms/ portapotty supply & maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Printing


  • Nightly district security
  • Event security
  • Christmas tree security

Car Show Promotion (package)

  • Organization fee
  • Awards
  • Staff
  • Disc Jockeys
  • Entertainment
  • Photographers

Dinner and a Concert (package)

  • Sound and Booking Entertainment
  • Bands
  • Restrooms
  • Security
  • Printing


  • Changing Striger Lights 4 times per year
  • Installing/Removing Xmas Wreaths
  • Holiday window decorations for the district.

Clean and Safe Program

  • Clean and Safe Program for Downtown El Cajon
  • Trash and Grafitti clean-up
  • Sidewalk power washing
  • Prescott Promenade power washing